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Open Colleges recently asked me to share some "Resources I Love" and below is what I gave them. If you are a budding design student, you may find these useful (note: I've added some more, just for you!)

Here's the article on their website:

Staying up with the latest trends in graphic and web design is a must. While I have received on-the-job training, I’m largely self-taught before beginning a Open Colleges Digital Design course, and that means worrying that my designs are not up to the standard of University grads.

Before 2006, I knew zilch, zippo, nada about computers and software. So, I spent four years dedicated to teaching myself the Adobe Suite and the only way I could learn was from online resources, which also served to inspire me.

The first useful site I found was deviantArt. A social media page for artists. I uploaded my works and got great feedback, critiques and tips. I learned so much and this is when I started playing with Photoshop and created digital works.