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PLEASE READ the Work Agreement and complete before commencing any work



• Work will not begin by Little Birdy until the Work Agreement is completed by the Client/s (supplied via email) and sent back to


• Our Hours of Operation are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Closed weekends and public holidays.

Little Birdy Web & Design supplies services to Australian residents and businesses. International clients will be required to pay a deposit via PayPal.


• All urgent jobs with no prior notification and work required within two business days will incur a Priority Job Fee on top of prices quoted (due to rescheduling of other current projects).  Work requested to be completed outside of our normal business hours will incur an After Hours Fee.

• Pricing is based on AUD$60/hour for Website Builds, and AUD$30/hour for all Graphic Design work.

• The first 1-hour Consultation is free. This Meeting is to ascertain the Clients' business needs and how Little Birdy can help. This meeting must be kept at one hour maximum. Future consultations that discuss marketing and business strategies will be charged at AUD$30 per hour and capped at 4 hours maximum.


Little Birdy aims to provide an environment of pure business focus and learning, and less chit-chat. Clients will be able to pay for these consults on the spot with PayPal or via 7-day invoice. These meeting charges also include phone and Zoom consults. If a meeting should fall between hours, then the fee will be adjusted accordingly (eg 1.5 hours = AUD$45).


All Design work requires a non-refundable 50% deposit. The Deposit is non-refundable as all Projects require some initial work: consultation and ongoing communications; research; travel; or other services before a project is fully completed. If in the case that a Refund is requested, a Credit for other services will be given instead. Clients may be invoiced for further work required not discussed during initial quoting. If services required are lesser than what has been quoted and paid for, Clients will be refunded the difference. 

•  All Graphic Design proofs will be sent out with watermarks (or in a Design Preview PDF) and the final artwork will only be released once payment for Little Birdy's services has been made. Likewise, Websites will only go live once full payment has been made and not before.


• Not all Websites will be editable by the client. Online Shops are. This is due to quality control. At the Owner’s discretion, and the Client’s perceived level of ability, this may be offered. These sites may require some one-on-one or small group instructions in person. This is only offered within South Australia and some travel expenses costs may apply, or you can attend this at Little Birdy’s office. 


Prices quoted do not include any Printing costs for Graphic Design work. Printing can be arranged with a variety of different professional printing businesses, and a price will be quoted.


Website or Graphic Design requested for no cost or trade for other services will be politely refused. We offer non-profit groups 15% discount, and low comparable prices to other Designers and we value what we do and the products we offer. Also please note that we do not offer a price-match quote, because all Website and Graphic Design services are unique to each business. Some Designers offer more or less than others and the amount of work isn’t the same across the board. Different Designers may also have different overheads that factor into price.


Refunds only offered at the Owner’s discretion (note: Web Hosting/Domain Name Registration/email costs cannot be refunded as they are through a Third Party business). If a mistake has been made, all efforts to gain a Credit or Refund on the Client's behalf will be made.


• All Projects may have a waiting list. Please understand that not all work can begin immediately. An approximate date will be provided.

All Website Design work will be allocated a strict time-frame comprised of: Commencement Date; Project Period Date; and a Finalisation Date. All Clients will be required to respond to emails within the Project Period Date (eg. 2 weeks), and if this doesn't happen, a final invoice will be issued whether the project has been completed or not. The Client will be invoiced upon Project completion and payment is expected within 7 days. 


Website Hosting costs are to be paid upfront before Design can begin.


Design Ownership - all finished material, once paid for, will belong completely to the Client.


Adjustments to work (Web and Graphic Design) will be charged a fee of AUD$60/hour for any large additional work required. There is no charge to change mistakes in spelling/grammar etc. Graphic Design work comes with two revisions per project at no cost. Further revisions will be charged at $30/hour. 


Client supply of own Logo/s, Graphics and Photographs: These must be high-resolution jpeg, pdf, png or tiff format. Please note, phone photos will not be accepted unless exceptional quality.


• All Graphic Design work can be saved to a USB stick at the Client's request, for AUD$20 extra (or the cost of a USB stick if one is not supplied by the Client). Postage is extra and the Client will be notified of cost.


No responsibility will be taken for work that the Client has proofed and approved which contains incorrectly supplied information - please view carefully before approving any work. Clients are required to proof carefully.


• We reserve the right not to produce Website/Graphic Design of a questionable nature.


Payment is required strictly 7 days after completion and can be made by: PayPal or EFT (the Client will be sent a complete invoice either by post or email or both). Once the Account is paid, the Website will go live, and Graphic Design printed/emailed without watermarks. If the Website has been made live prior to payment (sometimes required), and the Client does not make payment within 7 days, the Website will be removed from the web until payment is made.


All prices are reviewed at the end of each financial year, however we reserve the right to change our prices earlier based on changing services offered to our Clients.

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